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The Tao of Wisdom

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    Autor: Klaus, Hilmar
    ISBN: 978-3-8107-0055-1
    Auflage: 1
    Seiten: 600
    Einband: Paperback

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"A mammoth work that leaves little to be desired. In this unique "trilingual" book, on double-pages both can be found: on the left page the original Chinese text (after Wang Bi), the associated pinyin transcription, and a faithful verbatim base translation in English and German, with footnotes containing individual variations of the meaning of characters as well as cross-references; on the right page, there are the Chinese characters with - English and German - analogous versions. An optimal presentation to the reader to work with. But what is more: the recent archaeological text troves of the Daodejing Mawangdui and Guodian texts have been added. And yet another feature is offered by this publication: On 160 pages, references for further research are given - both traditional books and articles as well as audio, video and internet sources, and also quotes from the literature. The best qualified and most comprehensive bibliography of its kind as an attachment to any Daodejing edition!" (Matthias Claus)

It is a new translation – based on longstanding studies, first published in 2002 on the site www.tao-te-king.org

The author Dr. Hilmar Klaus, born in 1950, psychologist, philosopher and author of many non-fiction books and papers.

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