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    Autor: Walke, Bernhard
    ISBN: 978-3-86130-937-6
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    Seiten: 244
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Abstract Regulation of spectrum will undergo revolutionary changes in the future allowing a less restricted and more flexible access to radio spectrum. Intelligent mobile radios, or so-called cognitive radios, will realize the dynamic usage of frequency bands on an opportunistic basis, by identifying and using under-utilized spectrum. Such radio systems will share spectrum either horizontally with distributed spectrum access such as listen-before-talk and equal rights to access the radio spectrum, or vertically, where so-called primary radio systems have higher priority to access the radio spectrum than the secondary radio systems. Cognitive radio techniques will considerably change the wireless communication market as barriers for market access are essentially lowered. Operator assistance for cognitive radio systems enables operators to provide a new type of service for spectrum owners (such as regulators or governments), or alternatively to the individual licensees: Spectrum usage is assisted in a reliable way with the help of a radio network that has clearly defined site locations and a trusted operator. Joint efforts of academia, regulators, infrastructure suppliers and telecom operators are required to establish trust in the cognitive radio technologies and to enable a sustainable go-to-market. In this context the cognitive radio standardization is crucial. This article introduces the ongoing standardization activities of the IEEE as one of the leading research organizations in the cognitive radio area

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