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Multidisciplinary Resarch on New Methods for Learning and Innovation in Enterprise Networks

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    Autor: Thoben, Klaus-Dieter
    ISBN: 978-3-86130-528-6
    Auflage: 1.
    Seiten: 216
    Einband: Paperback
    Reihe: BIBA
    Band: 59

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Educational games, simulations and other experimental learning methods offer valuable new methods for learning through simulated experience, without the risk of failure in real life. The aim of the workshop is to investigate different gaming, simulation and other experimental learning approaches for improving the collaboration ability of enterprises in networks. Furthermore, the workshop aims to investigate the use of these new learning methods for the development of management capability in the networked business and how the application of games can be used productive in higher education and industrial training. The annual workshop offers a genuine possibility to discuss the above mentioned challenges in a forum with participants not only from different research and working groups, but also representing different disciplines.

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