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Material Science of Steel

Textbook for RWTH Students

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    Autor: Bleck, Wolfgang
    ISBN: 978-3-86130-923-9
    Auflage: 1
    Seiten: 326
    Einband: Paperback

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The topics presented in this book Material Science of Steel - Textbook for RWTH Students is intended to aid students in their assignments, lectures and laboratory work at the Department of Ferrous Metallurgy. This book introduces the reader to an engineering approach of how to develop steels and finishing processes, of how to achieve desired properties and of how to approciately use steels.

Examples from the contents:

- Physical and chemical properties of the element iron and the materials based on iron

- Phase diagrams and important iron alloys

- Segregation

- Microstructure formation (ferritic, pearlitic, bainitic, and martensitic transformations)

- Hardening

- Technical heat treatments

- TTA and TTT diagrams

- Thermomechanical treatments

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