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Fit für die Maßgeschneiderte Massenfertigung durch agile, rekonfigurierbare Fertigungssysteme

Proceedings of the National Workshop within the ARMMS Project (Stuttgart, Germany, 20 March, 2002)

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    Autor: Thoben, Klaus-Dieter
    ISBN: 978-3-89653-973-1
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The ARMMS - Agile Reconfigurable Manufacturing Machinery Systems - Project was a pan-European Thematic Research Network funded by the European Commission in Brussels. The aims of the programme were:

  • To bring together key industrial and academic personnel already pro-active in agility and reconfigurability issues related to manufacturing and machinery systems,
  • To foster co-operation and facilitate the exchange of information and technology appropriate to the advancement of agile manufacturing in Europe,
  • To identify future technological and research needs and establish an informed base for the European Commission in manufacturing machinery systems, which are agile and re-configurable.

ARMMS has brought together some 30 partners from universities, research institutes, equipment suppliers and potential end-users proactive in the field of agility and re-configurability of machinery systems. The countries represented include Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and UK. The ARMMS project was finished in 2002 with a series of national workshops. This book provides a list of papers presented at the workshop "Fit für die Maßgeschneiderte Massenfertigung durch agile, rekonfigurierbare Fertigungssysteme" which was held at the ISW in Stuttgart, March 2002

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