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Responding to the global political-economical challenge: The learning society exemplified by the working environment

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    Autor: Dassen-Housen, Petra
    ISBN: 978-3-86073-736-1
    Auflage: 1.
    Seiten: 216
    Einband: Paperback
    Reihe: ARMT
    Band: 32

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"Responding to the global political-economical challenge…" shows the impact of important global socio-economic trends on the employee's skillset that is required in the modern working environment, and further describes the implications for training concepts.

The book identifies globalisation, integration of private and working life, increased job mobility/multi-jobs, micro-entrepreneurship, regional networking and lifelong learning as critical socio-economic trends.

With regard to these trends, the study analyses the impact on specific intrapersonal, interpersonal and multifunktional skills. Finally, these theoretical relationships are validated in three case studies describing several change processes within the German industry.

In these case studies, examples can be found to training and teaching concepts that are well suited to prepare employees for the challenges they face in today's rapidly changing socio-economic environment.

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