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Reflections on Human-Centred Systems and Leadership

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    Autor: Brandt, Dietrich
    ISBN: 978-3-86130-452-4
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In 2003 the ESTIEM Summer Academy Project took place for the third time, continuing the concept of having a series of activities through the summer which give students of ESTIEM new experiences, ideas, and thoughts outside their University courses. The concept itself (a Summer Academy with a high level of academic content) was developed by members of ESTIEM several years ago. In 2001, the concept was first put into practice, with SAC2001
held in Lincoln (U.K.) in September 2001. The event was a success, and SAC2002 was held the following year in Veszprém, Hungary. These first two events took place under the academic leadership of Jim Platts (University of Cambridge, U.K.). During 2003, the ESTIEM SAC Project was expanded to 2 venues: Hungary and Sweden. This book arises from the event which took place in Eger, Hungary (August 17-31, 2003), under the academic leadership of Dr. Dietrich Brandt (University of Technology Aachen, Germany). The 10 participants of this event were selected based on their interests in the topic
and their willingness to learn. They came from different ESTIEM local groups, and represented the countries Germany (three participants), Hungary (three participants), Portugal (one participant), and Turkey (three participants).

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