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An Improved Multilevel LINC Transmitter for Advanced Wireless Communication Systems

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    Autor: Guan, Junqing
    ISBN: 978-3-95886-079-7
    Auflage: 1
    Seiten: 180
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Multilevel LINC Transmitter for Wireless Systems

The goal of this work is to build a highly linear and energy-efficient multilevel LINC transmitter for wideband LTE applications.Excellent linearity with ACLR better than -45 dBc and EVM less than 8% should be achieved, in order to meet the most stringent linearity requirement for base station applications. The proposed transmitter architecture was implemented and measured. The results show over 50% energy efficiency while complying with requirements of 4G LTE downlink standard without using complicated DPD, hence reducing system complexity and power for wideband transmitters.

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