Achener Beiträge zu Digitalen Nachrichtensystemen

Die Reihe ABDN - Aachener Beiträge zu digitalen Nachrichtensystemen -publiziert regelmäßig  Beiträge zu Themen der Nachrichtengeräte und Datenverarbeitung.

Wind Noise Reduction ABDN

Christoph Matthias Nelke

ISBN 978-3-95886-107-7
Seiten 164
Einband Paperback
Auflage 1. 2016. Auflage
Bandnr. 43
With the technological progress, devices, such as mobile phones, tablet computers or hearing aids, can be used in a large variety of every-day situati…
Flexible Low-Density Parity-Check Codes: Rate, Length, and Complexity ABDN

Moritz Beermann

ISBN 978-3-95886-083-4
Seiten 170
Einband Paperback
Auflage 1.2015. Auflage
Bandnr. 42
Since the inception of information theory by Shannon in 1948, a vast amount of research has been conducted concerning error correcting codes for commu…
Options for the Joint Evolution of Digital Terrestrial Television and Mobile Access ABDN

Benedikt Eschbach

ISBN 978-3-95886-069-8
Seiten 182
Einband Paperback
Bandnr. 41
Terrestrial broadcast is traditionally realized over High Tower High Power (HTHP) networks which have been reserved in the transition from the analog …
Multi Channel Audio Processing: Enhancement, Compression and Evaluation of Quality ABDN

Magnus Schäfer

ISBN 978-3-95886-007-0
Seiten 156
Einband Paperback
Auflage 1. Auflage
Bandnr. 39
The demand for high definition audio and video services is rapidly increasing. Two representative examples for this are audio-visual conferencing or v…
Rateless Coding in the Finite Length Regime ABDN

Birgit Elke Schotsch

ISBN 978-3-86073-837-5
Seiten 166
Einband Paperback
Auflage 1. Auflage
Bandnr. 38
Rateless codes, also known as digital fountain codes, are excellently suited for erasure correction in packet-switched communication networks. Such ne…
Near-End Listening Enhancement: Theory and Application ABDN

Bastian Sauert

ISBN 978-3-86130-729-7
Seiten 176
Einband Paperback
Auflage 1. Auflage
Bandnr. 36
Mobile telephony is often conducted in the presence of acoustical background noise such as traffic or babble noise. In this situation, the near-end li…
On Rate-Compatible Insertion Convolutional Turbo Codes and HARQ for Mobile Communications ABDN

Tobias Breddermann

ISBN 978-3-86130-288-9
Seiten 172
Einband Paperback
Auflage 1. Auflage
Bandnr. 35
Rate-compatible Turbo codes are part of many mobile communication systems as, e.g., LTE. The code rate of a fixed-rate mother Turbo code is adapted by…
Joint Dereverberation and Noise Reduction for Binaural Hearing Aids and Mobile Phones ABDN

Marco Jeub

ISBN 978-3-86130-345-9
Seiten 162
Einband Paperback
Auflage 1. Auflage
Bandnr. 34
Abstract Speech signals captured by the microphones of a speech communication device are often distorted by interfering noise sources as well as ro…